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Private Rental Articles

Vacancies close to city's heart

Rentals are on the rise in inner suburbs but others remain tight.

Crisis and welfare organisations in struggle to respond to cries for help

YOUNG people and families are seeking help from welfare and crisis organisations in increasing numbers.

Students Face Racism, Exploitation

INTERNATIONAL students with jobs are being paid less than Australians, face discrimination when applying for rental properties and are treated "less favourably" by teachers, an inquiry has been told.

Mixed Blessings: Bridging The Public-private Divide

Private owners are moving into remodelled housing estates alongside public tenants. Is it a magic potion or a bitter brew? Michael Green reports.

Government, Not The Private Sector, Can Solve The Rental Crisis

The rental crisis presents a challenge and an opportunity for the Rudd Government. Because the market does not provide acute hospital facilities, schools for the masses, universities, disinterested scientific research, environmental programs and other public services without which a modern society could not function, the government steps in to more